Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rosse Buurt will be in Peep Show!

Another anthology from Rachel Kramer Bussel and from the intro listed on the new blog, it looks like a great line up (of course I may be biased).

From the blog

Geneva King takes us deep inside Amsterdam’s famous red-light district, or “Rosse Buurt,” A woman is drawn to a woman she sees there, a woman who “stands in her window on the second story, not banging on the glass like the other girls, just standing, surveying the crowd, like she picks the customer and not the other way around, like she’s deciding who is lucky enough to experience any bit of her.” This is the kind of woman who sells her body in this book; one who’s knowing, aware, yet can allow herself to get swept away by passion, even when she’s on the clock.
Here's a picture of the book cover:

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